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OAK MOSS/AMBERA contemporary and confident rework of the classic forest fougère. Angus folds resinous amber and soft cedar notes through layers of earthen oak moss, before revealing rich sandalwood through its distinguished base.


NATIVE BEE/HONEY/THYME - This scent is an olfactory experience like no other. Among the garden’s seasonal greens, a coterie of native honey bees work fastidiously around their hive. One taste of this particular hive’s honey revealed the refined leafy tones of Australian thyme, transposed from a bush nestled nearby. 


ODUH/FIR NEEDLE/PATCHOULIExperience this enigmatic, opulent scent that epitomises industrial chic. A rustic yet refined blend of oudh, cedar wood and moss, interspersed with fir needle and patchouli - an ode to the musky, earthy green tendrils. An all-encompassing scent that’s intriguing, opulent and effortlessly sexy.


DAISYA playful and bright rework of soft white florals. Daisy imbues any room with a youthful bouquet of floral notes spliced with summery peach nectar. Subtle, soft and undeniably pretty, Jessica evokes all the appeal of a sun-dappled dalliance.


PEONY/LYCHEEA delicate blend of peony petals and roses in bloom, parting to reveal bursts of fresh lychee and raspberry.A sun-kissed symbiosis of jasmine and rosewood making this the perfect scent for those seeking playful and peaceful in equal measure.


FIG TREEA sophisticated and timeless scent that sees white lily and fig leaf unfurl over a light and beautiful sandalwood base.